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Hydrogen has potential as an antioxidant in preventive and therapeutic applications.

Hydrogen nanobubble (NB) water is an emerging technique for hydrogen delivery into living organisms. Although hydrogen NB water exhibits significantly higher scavenging activity of exogenous and endogenous reactive oxygen species (ROS) than hydrogen water without NBs, the mechanisms are unclear. 

Nanobubble Hydrogen!

Hue Light's Research Fields

Among many fields, we only study the medical field.

Applications of hydrogen nanobubble water

  • In the medical, beauty and food industries

    Skin treatment, SPA; Food additives for drinking water, beverages, alcoholic beverages, etc.

  • In the pet industry

    Pet bath, drinking water

  • In agriculture and horticulture

    Growing healthier, bigger and more resilient crops Irrigation water improves root health, increases nutrient uptake in a variety of crops, and prevents and inhibits pathogens.

  • In the field of aquaculture (nanobubble hydrogen and oxygen water)

    Nanobubble hydrogen and oxygen water (brown gas) with operating costs 10 times cheaper than conventional nanobubble oxygen Improve fish health and increase farm profits.

  • In addition, nanobubble hydrogen water is used in lake, pond and river pollution treatment and wastewater treatment.

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