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Nanobubble Hydrogen SPA Generator

  • HM-SPA500

    Nanobubble Hydrogen SPA Core Technology

    What is Nanobubble hydrogen?

    Nano bubble with diameter of less than 0.0001 mm contains numerous hydrogen molecules.

    There are 3 main technological requirements for use in the medical and aesthetic fields

    • Size of bubble. Smaller the bubble, the more advanced the technology, especially if the size bubbles are smaller than 200nm.
    • Amount of bubbles produced. There should be over 300 billion bubbles per 1 liter of water.
    • The number of hydrogen molecules with a size of 0.2nm within one bubble of 92nm.

    Product Specifications

    Product name Nano-bubble Hydrogen SFA Machine
    Model no HM-SPA500
    Flow rate 4.8L per minute
    Power 100V- 240V / 50 〜 60Hz / Max 3.5A
    Water used Distilled water
    Capacity of distilled water tank 1L
    Bubble size 90〜99nm
    Bubble quantity Approx. 500 million bubbles per 1ml
    Size 50x41 x 100cm
    Weight 34kg


Most benficial for the following types of conditions

  • Itchy skin due to atopic-like symptoms
  • Dry and rough skin with lots of dead cells
  • Sensitive skin with frequent skin troubles
  • Skins with lots of wastes in pores due to excessive expoure to fine dust and environmental pollution
  • Seborrheic skin with large amount of sebum secreted in normal occasion
  • Scalp with lots of dandruff and dead cell
  • Seborreheic, oily scalp and concemed about hair loss

Intended Uses

  • Bathing, spa treatments, and skincare at homes
  • Scalp cleansing and scalp treatments in hair salons
  • Aesthetic skincare treatments
  • Pet bathing

Hue Light Nanobubble Hydrogen SPA Generator test results

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