Simultaneously performing PBM and Hydrogen Inhalation

Simultaneously performing PBM and Hydrogen Inhalation
  • Simultaneously performing PBM and Hydrogen Inhalation

    (Whole body Photobiomodulation – WB-PBM is also called Photobiomodulation – PBM)
  • Photobiomodulation: What is PBM?

    Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a term explaining how certain wavelength spectrum light source produces ATP in mitochondria. Since 2016, “Photobiomodulation” (PBM) has been appearing as a keyword for future treatment method in, academic information classification of MeSH, National Institute of Health in USA.

    Characteristic Whole Body Photobiomodulation based on PBM is that capillaries recover, and nitric oxide is produced from the cell’s mitochondria due to light absorbance.

    Once the nutrients and oxygen that started off from large intestine and lungs reach the mitochondria through blood vessels, cytochrome c oxidase (CCO enzyme) produces the bioenergy source ATP (Adenosine-triphosphate). Recent physiologists discovered the fact that certain wavelength spectrum of near-infrared ray light source irradiation on CCO enzyme greatly activates ATP synthesis.

  • Mechanism

    Certain spectrum of light source is absorbed by mitochondria which results in a more enhanced activation of ATP synthesis for cellular use. This process is followed by gene transcription and produced balanced Nitric Oxide (NO) that induces cellular repair and cure. Important part of this process is to pierce through the chain of neurons blocked by active oxygen (ROS) using nitric oxide (NO), and nitric oxide is released and returns to the system.

    Nitric oxide is a molecule that helps the transport and communicating of 60 trillion cells through signals. Therefore WB-PBM revitalizes malfunctioning capillaries and helps with blood circulation, and strengthens the immune system by getting rid of inflammation and pain. Along with nitric oxide, the ROS that follows this process maintains homeostasis of cell signaling system.

    However, depending on disease or physical construction, too much ROS is generated or imbalance of molecular signalling occurs, decreasing the effect of PBM. Hydrogen inhalation is what corrects the flaw mentioned above.

    Photobiomodulation brings deep relaxation of the mind and body, hence might be accompanied with drowsiness or languor. But since hydrogen maintains the balance of autonomic nerve system and stimulates the prefrontal cortex, you will stay focused and clear despite your body feeling relaxed. Simultaneous usage of whole body Photobiomodulation and hydrogen inhalation will maximize the circulation and detoxification effect.

    Simultaneous usage of Whole Body PBM and Hydrogen Inhalation