Scientific theory on curing brain fatigue

Scientific theory on curing brain fatigue
  • Brain Fatigue, Remove active oxygen

    seems like optimistic person doesn’t feel tiredness however in reality, the person is unable to feel tiredness because the person is in a highly excited state. A hormone that brings pleasure, dopamine, is released when brain is stimulated with motivation and a sense of accomplishment. Dopamine also has an effect of suppressing pain, therefore when dopamine is released in bulk, the person is unable to feel tired. For someone who continuously works with enthusiasm without resting, we must
    question for “hidden fatigue” – something that the person himself/herself can’t even acknowledge. If a person is unable to notice tiredness, they are likely to overwork without resting. The reason why cases where a healthy person collapses without any forewarning occur often is because the accumulated hidden tiredness has, so-called, exploded.

    Active oxygen in the brain becomes the cause of disturbing autonomic nervous system and also damages brain cells at the same time.

  • Molecule hydrogen that reaches blood vessels of the brain

    There are many cases where well-known anti-oxidants foods that are known to detoxify excessive active oxygen activity do not reach body parts depending on the size of molecule, cellular lipid and reactivity. A human cell contains a lot of lipid and is covered with cell membrane, therefore hydrophobic substances like vitamin C or some polyphenol have limits when it comes to being absorbed in to the cell. These substances especially get digested, absorbed and flow through the vessels, but it becomes a waste to the brain as it cannot pass through the brain vessels. To solve this problem, molecular hydrogen inhalation method has been rising. Hydrogen is the smallest and the lightest out of all elements. As gas, it exists as a form with two molecules bound to each other. Therefore, molecules can reach into brain cells (where other substances cannot reach), detoxify active oxygen, reduces body’s damage that lead to tiredness and recovers the body. For this reason, molecular hydrogen inhalation method research has been continuing regarding the fields of circulatory disease, stroke, cardiac infarction, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and even dementia and Alzheimer’s.